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Ten-plus years were spent experimenting and developing recipes that are healthy, simple, delicious and budget-friendly. The Clean Your Plate cookbook is the fruit of that labor and serves as a guide to making healthy, simply delicious. Eating healthy should not be a miserable experience, but an enjoyable one and one with many, many benefits. Whether you are looking to slim down, to prevent disease or just to feel better and have more energy, Clean Your Plate can help make the trek to healthy eating simple and delicious with recipes built around the elimination of refined sugars, processed foods and chemicals.


I really like this cook book! For three reasons:1. Simple and few ingredients. Most of the ingredients used are common to anyone's pantry. Does not increase the burden on grocery shopping by purchasing expensive ingredients that I will never use again. Great for the budget.2. I'm learning how to cook! The authors include tips on how to make the recipes just like you like them. I feel the freedom to follow along, or make a small change. I have even used some of the tips in other recipes of mine.3. MANY veggie recipes. Simple ones. I love it. I've wanted to add veggies to our meals for years but didn't know how. Simple Simple - yet creative. I love the "Squash Medley" - who knew squash, onion, tomatoes, and cheese could taste so good.


If you're looking for a "cook friendly" cookbook with answers to no-sugar, this is the book for you. The photos are great and the font used on the recipes is easy to read. It lays flat when using the cookbook. The variety of recipes allows the reader to peruse and plan menu options. This would also make a great gift.


If you are considering a whole foods lifestyle but find the idea daunting then this is the book for you! You will be encouraged by Sharayah and Shelly as they succeed in their goal of showing you that healthy eating can be "simply delicious." The photos in the book are great (who doesn't like to see pictures of delicious healthy food to get you motivated to do some cooking!) and the layout is definitely user friendly. I would definitely recommend this book!


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