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Christians: Employ strategy, not emotion, to guide your vote

This presidential election, it is critical that we make strategic — not emotional — decisions. As you approach voting day, keep in mind that you are hiring someone for a job. Similarly to negotiating the sale of a house, we cannot and will not get everything we want. But for those things we stand to gain, including protection of unborn life and conservation of liberty, we ought to engage our most level, logical strategies.

Simplify the options before you.

You are not:

  • Picking a new best friend

  • Selecting a new pastor

  • Recruiting a public relations genius

  • Finding a counselor or mental health guru

  • Choosing someone to be the guardian of your children in case of your death

You are:

  • Picking the best candidate of two realistic options

  • Selecting the Commander of the Armed Forces

  • Recruiting someone who will help, not hurt, our economy

  • Finding someone to defend the Constitution of the United States

  • Choosing a proponent of American values: Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness

This election is not about feeling emotionally attached to a candidate. Political ads that play on your feelings would have you believe the opposite, but the truth is, this is business — the business of saving our country for the next generation.

The actual choice before us is really simple:

  • One party wants bigger government. The other wants smaller government.

  • One party wants less individual freedom. The other wants more freedom.

  • One party wants you to enthusiastically support (not merely accept or tolerate) anti-biblical lifestyles. The other wants to preserve respect for the Judeo-Christian values upon which our nation was founded and upon which it has thrived.

  • One party wants abortion at any stage for any reason to be codified into law and paid for by taxpayers. The other wants to see an end to the American holocaust created through the abortion of more than 60,000,000 babies.

The two proposals for the future of America are diametrically opposed to one another. We are not choosing between vanilla and French vanilla — but rather ice cream and jalapeño peppers. An election of such magnitude is no time to virtue signal. We will not find a perfect candidate because all the options are flawed and sinful human beings. We can only pick the best of the options. Look at the party platforms. Look at the achievements of the parties. Look at what representatives of the parties celebrate.

This very week we have heard from the Democratic candidate that if an 8-year-old child wishes to change genders, that decision should be allowed, applauded and facilitated. We have watched as Democrat state senators in New York celebrated with hugs, cheers and high-fives the passing of legislation that expanded abortion access through all stages of pregnancy. During the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen Democrats try to force the continued closure of places of worship while at the same time applauding mass gatherings for violent protests.

These are facts, and the list could go on — but need it? These examples should be more than enough for every liberty-loving person and positively every Christian to cast a convictional vote for the Republican candidate for President. You may not like everything President Trump says or tweets. But... do you like everything you have said or tweeted? That cannot be the threshold for how we vote in this all-important election.

Please think of your children when you vote. Select the person on the ballot who stands to protect and preserve the America you and I have known. America is not perfect, but the ideals outlined in our founding documents have created the best experiment in freedom the world has seen so far. Can we improve it? Certainly! You and I should get involved in myriad ways to make it better. But today, our involvement needs to begin with simply preserving America by voting our values so that tomorrow we still have the liberty to get involved and refine our system.

The future of our nation depends on the votes of her citizens.

Do not be ruled by your emotions. Vote strategically.


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