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Target faces backlash for aiming activism at children with satanic and transgender merchandise

Image: Target

By Sharayah Colter

May 23, 2023

Target is no stranger to stepping into controversy. With its open promotion of homosexuality and official policy welcoming customers to use the fitting room and bathroom matching their "gender identity"—a policy that would appear to have contributed to incidents of voyeurism and indecent exposure, many of which are detailed by the Family Research Council in a 2017 report—Target has long been at the center of pleas for boycotts, petitions, and government offers to establish better safety policies.

Yet, no backlash has been as emphatic as what the retail giant now faces in light of promoting gay and transgender merchandise to children and partnering with an artist who admittedly and proudly designs products featuring satanic imagery.

Boycotts of Target have been proposed before and embraced by some to a limited extent, but calls are now multiplying exponentially to stop shopping at Target because of its unabashed and blatant targeting of children, even creating gay pride apparel for infants.

Consider these five things Target is selling as you decide whether the retailer will earn any more of your money and patronage:

  1. Baby onesies covered in "pride" imagery and some that say "¡Bien Proud!"

  2. Greeting cards shoppers have found in the children's section that say "Glad you came out!" and "I'm so happy that you're queer"

  3. Transgender swimwear tops with a "light binding effect"

  4. Transgender swimwear bottoms and one-piece suits with "tuck-friendly construction" and "extra crotch coverage"

  5. Merchandise of all sorts designed by Abprallen who promotes his designs as paying tribute to Satan. Among the designs for sale at Target, are items that read "Too queer for here" and "Cure transphobia, not trans people." Though not available at Target, another of the artist's designs bears the phrase, "Satan respects pronouns." Another item for sale at Target is called "Bible Girl 666."

A Target spokesperson says the "tucking" and "binding" swimsuits are only available for adults, but shoppers say they are finding the swimsuits in children's areas, and the models appear both young and in some cases gender confused. In-person, hands-on examination of the swimsuits shows that the extra small size could likely fit an average 10 to 15-year-old.

See for yourself by looking through the images below.

Enough is enough. It is time to stop shopping at Target and to say clearly to retailers everywhere to leave children alone. Transgendersim denies reality, rejects God's good design for male and female humans, confuses impressionable children, and leads to catastrophic decisions that cause irreversible physical harm and emotional distress.

Target can no longer be trusted with our families or our dollars. Goodbye, Target.




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