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Polished, professional communication is indispensable to each business or organization that desires growth, engagement and success. Colter & Co. specializes in exactly that and works closely with each client on every project to develop and execute effective, memorable solutions.


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Sharayah Colter

Editor in Chief


Scott Colter

Assistant Manager

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Kimberly Hobbs

Programming Editor


Jessica Pigg

Art Director

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Ellie Everett

Programming Editor

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Audie Sherrod

Assistant Manager

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Collin Hain

Programming Editor


Carter Jurkovich

Programming Editor


Before founding Colter & Co., Sharayah Colter worked as an investigative journalist, a criminal justice beat reporter, and a staff writer with a range of secular and Christian news organizations across the United States, and she remains active in writing in various capacities today. Throughout the past decade, her experience has expanded throughout the communications industry to include work in newspaper, magazine, radio, digital media, marketing, copy editing, graphic design, advertising and public relations.


Sharayah studied print and broadcast journalism at the University of Texas, Arlington, and earned certificates in biblical counseling and women's ministry from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She also holds a certificate in leadership from the Focus on the Family Leadership Institute. Sharayah serves as a founding steering council member of the Conservative Baptist Network, editor of Conservative Baptist Network Press and consultant for Citizens for America. She is a contributing author to the newly-released book, "Christianity and American Culture Today."

An ardent advocate for the sanctity of human life, Sharayah has devoted a great deal of time and attention to defending unborn life through advancing the pro-life movement. She is also passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and, in 2018, founded The Greatest News—an evangelism initiative designed to help carry the gospel to people around the globe.


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Scott Colter brings to his role with Colter & Co. a wealth of knowledge and experience cultivated from his time serving as chief-of-staff at a large Christian university, as a director of institutional advancement, and as director of a non-profit organization. Concurrently to his role in the leadership of Colter & Co., Scott serves as the director of strategic initiatives at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, Tenn., where the Board of Trustees has also elected him to the institution's faculty.  His work and ministry have taken him to 13 countries, including some where he has met with Christian leaders and ministers suffering religious persecution and censorship — a reality that fuels Scott’s commitment to preserving religious liberty within the United States.


A native Texan, Scott studied at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth for 11 years, earning both a Bachelor’s of Arts in Humanities and an Advanced Master of Divinity with a concentration in preaching during that time.  In 2015, Southwestern’s faculty selected Scott as the recipient of the Al and Beverly Fasol Preaching Award.  Scott also served on staff at Birchman Baptist Church in Fort Worth for more than 10 years before completing a Ph.D. at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.   


In 2020, Scott joined together with several pastors and laymen throughout the Southern Baptist Convention to launch the Conservative Baptist Network — a group focused on maintaining a longstanding, convention-wide commitment to the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture. He currently serves as the network's executive director.  Scott is passionate about preaching God’s Word and sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.  He is strongly pro-life and desires to see Christians stand together to eradicate abortion as a legal option for unplanned and unwanted pregnancies in America.  His desires to promote the sanctity of human life and to preserve religious liberty have continually led Scott to interest and involvement in various public policy efforts to effect change based on a Christian worldview.

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