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Voters: It is time to shift into high gear to re-elect President Trump

Breakfast at The Plaza Hotel, pink suede loafers, and books written at least 200 years ago. These are a few of my favorite things.

So, it might surprise some that I spent at least a decade of my life as a devoted NASCAR fan. I studied the statistics, sat close enough at the racetrack so as to leave covered in tiny pieces of tire rubber, and watched every lap of every race. Today, my mind recalled how the drivers — while certainly trying to drive well throughout the entire race — seemed to “find another gear” when it came down to the last 25 laps. They drove more aggressively, pushed the limits of their engines and stretched their fuel mileage calculations as far as possible. The nearness of the finish line stoked in them an intense focus and determination.

With 43 days remaining until the 2020 presidential election, as of this writing, the time has come for Americans shift into high gear to re-elect President Donald Trump.

What is at stake?

1. The sanctity of life – President Donald Trump has done more to advance efforts to defend unborn life than any president in my lifetime, and probably in the history of America. I pray to see an end to the abortion holocaust in America. This is an opportunity to make that happen.

2. The Supreme Court- With the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Trump has the ability to nominate someone to fill her seat, and whoever wins the presidential election could potentially have the opportunity to nominate more justices. Depending on who fills the current vacancy, Roe v. Wade could be overturned. Religious liberty cases going before the Court would also benefit from justices who will interpret the Constitution as written.

3. The future of America- As months of Marxism-fueled riots and violence have pillaged portions of our land, we see the vital need for a leader who will say, “yes,” to freedom and “no,” to socialism – “yes” to law and order, “no” to criminal chaos. America is not a perfect country, but she is a great country. Ignore those who try to convince you that America is inherently racist and irreparably horrible. If it were truly such an awful place, there would not be millions trying to come here, legally and even illegally. We need a president who will promote love for this great nation and appreciate the sacrifice of those who gave their lives to make it free – not a president who declines to stand firmly against Anti-American sentiments that manifest themselves in flag-burning, police officer-harming, monument-destroying and Anthem-bashing. Just last week the President announced a new "1776 Commission" which will promote teaching schoolchildren a love of country based in history instead of a hate of America based in revisionist history. That is the sort of education I desire for my own children and for the millions of other children who will grow up to lead America.

So, if you have been [understandably] tuning out the news for a while, consider that this is the time to turn it back on for 43 days. To pay attention. To speak up.

Barna Group estimates only 61 percentof voting-eligible Evangelicals actually voted in the 2016 election. We can do better. If Christians would simply show up to the polls and then vote for a candidate whose policies and platforms most closely line up with their Bibles, the outcome would be significant.

Let’s engage — not just nominally, but seriously — in the final days of this election process — this political race with a looming finish line. As adult Americans, it is not just our right to vote, it is our duty to vote.

In 43 days, join me in voting to re-elect President Trump.


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